Hylands' Brand Promotional Video Released with Ingenuity


Gain momentum and never stop

Pursue the ‘new’ and explore the novelty. Hylands consider newness as an opportunity and also as a mission. Novelty is a vision and also the future we expect. The Hylands people have always been adhering to the spirit of daring to be the first in the world, taking courageous steps forward, relentlessly pursuing excellence, and always embarking on new journeys traversing the paths less traveled. 

Today, Hylands’ image video is officially released, depicting a bright future with novel insights. It foresees the future of Hylands, shows the development of Hylands’ culture, and demonstrates the feelings and responsibilities of the lawyers of Hylands.

Evolving each day, embracing the fundamental values

Twenty-five years passed so quickly. Regardless of how time changes, Hylands consistently upholds our mission - innovates continually, and focuses on developing a large-scale -comprehensive - high-end commercial law firm in China. Despite the challenges appearing in the long journey, the Hylands people never take a pause but overcome the obstacles to build a bright future together.

In 1997, Hylands Law Firm was established. After 25 years, it has more than 400 partners and counsels and more than 1500 practicing lawyers located in its 29 offices across the country. It also runs 1 intellectual property agency under its aegis. Hylands has grown into a comprehensive high-end commercial law firm while adhering to its initial mission of ‘being simple and retaining integrity’.

At the business level, Hylands is structured into twelve professional fields and eight industry sectors, with each partner working in a specific field.  We work under the cross-offices, cross-industry and cross-departmental professional collaboration, and offer our clients one-stop, multi-field, full-process professional legal services.

Hylands' strongest area of expertise is in dispute resolution. Hylands deviates from the traditional service model, takes a higher perspective, analyses the benefits and disadvantages for clients, and develops thorough and diversified solutions that can not only assist clients in actually resolving legal issues but also boost their financial standing.

With help of Hylands' dispute resolution team, the difficult cases that had confused experts for many years were all successfully resolved. All of Hylands' attorneys are multifaceted practitioners, with abundant experience that enables them to provide clients with better solutions and establish themselves as their go-to person for complex legal issues.

Additionally, Hylands has been holding a prominent position in the areas of intellectual property, entertainment media, and international trade, where it has frequently been listed by the Chambers.

Hylands welcomes legal elites to join and work together to cultivate a unique law firm that fosters a people-oriented, sincere, and harmonious work environment.

Hylands offers avenues for leisure-time activities and entertainment to the employees. It has organized a number of recreational and sports teams, one of which is the C orchestra. The orchestra has given many outstanding performances, demonstrating the spirit of Hylands that accommodates and encourages all varieties of talents thus contributing to the formation of Hylands' distinctive cultural space.

Hylands also consistently uphold its commitment to society by keeping its promises to help the needy and contribute to the upliftment of people. 

Always move forward and set the targets high. Hylands has always been a leader in the field. In addition to being an experimental step for Hylands, the strategic goal of ‘central management, integrated development’ has enormous relevance for the long-term growth of Chinese law firms.

No height is too high. As long as it adheres to simplicity, integrity, and sincerity, Hylands is confident that it will achieve new heights setting an example for other legal firms in China.