Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Hylands, with nationwide branches and quality services at disposal, effectively coordinates the best available resources to construct an elite team with excellent capability and expertise to assist clients in criminal cases. The team members possess valuable experience and outstanding knowledge in both traditional and new-type of criminal case legislation. Hylands has won numerous recognitions inside and outside the industry for successfully handling a multitude of criminal cases which had wider social implications and attracted popular attention.

Hylands teams are all senior expert lawyers, who have mostly worked in the fields of public security organs, procuratorate and legislative institutions. In addition to the profound academic understandings, Hylands has years of practical experience in the criminal justice system, with admirable skills in legal service and accessibility to greater resources. Moreover, Hylands experts are good at communicating with the judicial organs, which can ensure better service for the legitimate rights and interests of our clients. 


  • Criminal Defense and Agency
    Provide clients with comprehensive criminal defense and agency services including criminal defense and appeal, criminal victim litigation agency, criminal-civil case agency, etc.; help to develop the optimal strategies, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients to the possible extent.
  • Criminal Compliance Review and System Construction
    Assist clients to conduct an internal criminal compliance review, refine the key risks in the business link, issue evaluation and suggestions, and formulate rectification programs; assist enterprises to establish a criminal compliance system, provide systematic risk prevention and control services for business attributes and industry characteristics, and help to establish and improve the internal criminal compliance system.
  • Criminal Charge
    Put forward professional opinions on key issues such as whether the behavior of the proposed defendant constitutes a crime, the type of crime and jurisdiction, and guide the collection of evidence materials, draft legal documents and file the criminal case.
  • Criminal Crisis Disposal
    Assess the legal risks, provide professional legal suggestions, guide the collection of favorable evidence, formulate crisis disposal plans, etc.
  • Criminal Counseling
    Offer customized legal counseling services, including ordinary consultation and special consultation, criminal law training, new law interpretation, etc.


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