Asset Management

Asset Management

Based on a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws, a broader client base and experience accumulated over years of practice, Hylands has been efficiently involved in the field of asset management. Over the years, Hylands has assisted many clients such as domestic and foreign commercial banks, trust companies, insurance companies, financial leasing companies, asset management companies and other financial institutions and non-bank financial institutions to successfully complete a large number of transactions.

Hylands has accumulated significant practical experience working with many domestic and international clients in the field of asset management and has repeatedly won a number of awards issued by Chambers and Partners, LEGALBAND and other well-known media and rating agencies, maintaining a good reputation in the legal field.

Services of Hylands in asset management include, but not limited to, daily legal affairs of commercial banks, project financing, syndicated loans and other asset-types legal affairs, various financing guarantee legal affairs, financial leasing legal affairs, non-performing asset legal affairs, asset securitization legal affairs, cross-integration legal affairs of banks and non-banking financial institutions, various trust legal affairs, financial innovation legal affairs, etc.


  • Design and Issuance of Public Funds, Trust Plans, and Private Equity Products
    Product transaction design, feasibility, and legal compliance analysis and demonstration of public funds, trust plans, and private equity products, including but not limited to transaction structure design, issuance of legal opinions, transaction document drafting, negotiation, and assistance in product issuance.
  • Compliance Review of Public Funds, Trust Plans and Private Funds
    Legal compliance review of public funds, trust plans, and private funds, assessment prompts legal risks, and formulates effective solutions.
  • Design and Issuance of Various Insurance Asset Management Plans Such as Insurance Debt Investment Plans, Equity Investment Plans, and Real Estate Investment Plans
    Product transaction design, feasibility, legal compliance analysis and demonstration, optimization of transaction structure and product issuance of various insurance asset management plans such as insurance debt investment plans, equity investment plans, and real estate investment plans.
  • Design and Issuance of Various Asset Securitization Products such as Banks, Securities Companies, and Fund Subsidiaries
    Product structure design, legality evaluation and demonstration, and product issuance of various asset securitization products such as banks, securities companies, and fund subsidiaries.
  • Dispute Resolution in Fund and Asset Management
    Litigation-related risk prevention and litigation-related dispute resolution in the field of private equity funds and asset management, including but not limited to formulating effective litigation strategies, completing preservation efficiently and accurately, comprehensively responding to litigation, execution and disposal, and commercial operation during execution.


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