Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

The real estate and construction team provides legal services for the Fortune 500 enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, listed companies and leading private companies on hundreds of real estate and construction projects spread across the nation. These projects include residential complexes, commercial spaces, infrastructure for tourism, industrial parks as well as rail transit, highways, underground utility tunnels, urban roads, bridges, etc. The team also provides local governments and the bureau of land resources with comprehensive legal services on transactions of land resources, first-level development of land resources, development of collectively-owned land, etc.

The real estate and construction team has immense experience in providing comprehensive legal services catering to the diverse needs of the clients. Hylands has been ranked in the “band one” of Chinese top law firms in real estate and construction engineering by LEGALBAND and ranked as a notable firm by Benchmark Litigation. Making optimal use of the industry experience, research skills, as well as insights into the real estate and construction engineering industries, Hylands lawyers fully understand the needs and requirements of clients to provide them with innovative and customized solutions in a timely manner to implement projects in a fast manner. At the same time, Hylands helps

clients effectively manage construction projects to adapt to the opportunities and challenges brought about by frequent regulatory policies, and provides clients with high-quality legal advice, which is well praised by the clients.


  • Real Estate Development
    Full-process legal services for real estate project development; real estate project M&A and restructuring; real estate project financing; establishment of real estate project company; real estate project construction management; real estate project sales; block trade of real estate; transfer of construction in progress; real estate property leasing; commercial operation and management of real estate projects; property management services of real estate projects; hospitality and leisure.
  • Land Development
    Investment and financing in the land; first-level development of land; land expropriation and compensation for demolition; bidding, auction, the listing of land use rights (transfer); land lease; transfer of land use rights; development and use of collective land for construction; comprehensive development of land; urban renewal, shanty town renovation.
  • Construction
    Project bidding; contract award, contracting and subcontracting of construction projects; preparation and negotiation of construction contract documents; contract performance and process services of construction projects; acceptance, settlement, claims and counterclaims of construction projects; dispute resolution of construction projects; perennial legal services for construction enterprises.
  • PPP Projects
    Design of transaction structure of PPP projects; PPP franchise contract, preparation and negotiation of project cooperation contract; establishment of the project company, full-process risk management and control of projects; full-process legal risk management of projects; infrastructure operation management and delivery.


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