Energy & Natural Resources

Energy & Natural Resources

Since establishment, Hylands has been providing legal services for enterprises in the fields of environment, energy, infrastructure and natural resources, and has continuously carried out business innovation, which has won the wide trust of domestic and foreign clients. Hylands provides valuable advice for development, investment, M&A as well as financing transactions in traditional energy, renewable energy, new energy, mineral resources, water treatment and supply, environmental protection and infrastructure fields, and has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign professional institutions as one of the outstanding representatives in this field.

Hylands provides services for the full industry chain, including but not limited to helping clients acquire the approval, addressing the legal issues in the operation of the projects, and advising on project construction and financing. During its service in the past decades, Hylands team has advised a number of large-scale state-owned enterprises, such as China Energy Investment Group Co. Ltd., China Datang Corporation Ltd., China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd., China Huadian Corporation Ltd., State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, etc, in both their domestic investment and outbound investment. Meanwhile, Hylands is close to and recognized by legislators in energy, nature resource and infrastructure industries for its abundant experience.


  • Project Development, Construction and Operation
    Provide domestic and overseas legal services related to project development, construction and operation. The scope of services includes but is not limited to the use of IPP, BOT, TOT, O&M, EMC and other concession and Public-Private Partnership models to participate in project development, various project development, construction, drafting and revising operation-related agreements, participating in business negotiations, and providing legal advice for related businesses.
  • Project Financing and Capital Market
    Provide domestic and overseas securities and capital market, inter-bank bond market, ABS, financial leasing, infrastructure RIETs and other legal services related to project financing.
  • M&A Transactions of Projects
    Provide domestic and overseas legal services related to project mergers and acquisitions, including but not limited to legal due diligence, issuance of due diligence reports and closing opinions, designing transaction structures, transaction agreement drafting and revision, participation in business negotiations, and related business legal consulting services.
  • Quota Trading
    Provide legal services related to quota transactions such as power generation quota transactions, carbon emission reduction transactions, and pollutant emission quota transactions.
  • "Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral"
    Provide "carbon peak, carbon neutral" related legal services, including but not limited to carbon neutral bond issuance, carbon neutral asset-backed securitization, etc.
  • Dispute Resolution
    Provide domestic and foreign legal services related to dispute resolution in the fields of energy, infrastructure and natural resources, including but not limited to issuing dispute resolution solutions, participating in ADR, litigation and arbitration procedures, participating in settlement negotiations, drafting and revising settlement agreements, and enforcement of awards.


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