Corporate business is well-established domain of Hylands which has won profound laurels from clients. Hylands provides risk management strategies and viable solutions at all levels of the corporate governance structure, as well as domestic and overseas investments, acquisitions, M&A and construction of corresponding structures, especially the legal implications in the frontier areas. Furthermore, the tax team of Hylands has extensive experience and expertise in legal working. Under such a highly sophisticated background and vital importance for enterprises, Hylands can give prominence to tax-related issues in compliance management and cost optimization.

Some of the corporate lawyers had experienced in working at state ministries and commissions, well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, financial institutions and related intermediaries. The lawyers possesses valuable experience, solid theoretical basis and practical strategies to navigate diverse scenarios. The team is well versed in Chinese law and regulatory policies and understands the business practices of different industries. Hylands can effectively integrate teams on finance, taxation, anti-monopoly, intellectual property rights and corporate governance to provide a customized, comprehensive, integrated and one-step solutions for clients based on profound understanding.

The team consistently upholds comprehensiveness, professionalism and pragmatism. Relying on local resources, Hylands provides unparalleled legal services for domestic and foreign clients, has won wide acclaim from clients and the industry, achieve positive social benefits and contribute to the development of our nation and society.


  • Corporate Governance
    Legal support to clients in relation to businesses establishment, alternation, liquidation and restructuring; draft, review and amend contracts and legal documents in relation to day-to-day operations; assist clients in improving internal rules and regulations; advise clients on legal issues in business and assisting in dispute resolution; provide clients legal advice on the planning and design of projects and procedural assistance in business negotiations of major operations.
  • Corporate Compliance
    Through legal due diligence on clients to build a compliance management system for the client at six modules including: compliance system, compliance risk identification and early warning mechanism, compliance risk response, compliance review mechanism, non-compliance accountability, compliance assessment and improvement, and six different aspects including: building the assessment and evaluation mechanism, information system, compliance team, compliance training, compliance culture and compliance timely reports. Also, legal support to the operation and commissioning of the compliance system.
  • M&A
    Conduct research on industry regulatory policies; provide legal advice on industry access policies, transaction-related matters for transactions; conduct legal due diligence and issue relevant risk alert reports; provide legal services such as drafting transaction documents, business negotiations and transaction structure design; issue legal opinions to clients or regulators upon request and provide legal support for the whole process of the transaction.
  • Taxation
    Based on the premise of complying with laws and regulations, provide professional and diversified tax legal services including special tax planning, tax compliance, tax risk management and planning for HNWIs and tax-related dispute resolution. Within the scope of the law, provide tax saving planning and protection of clients' rights and interests through advance design of civil and commercial acts.
  • Labor and Employment
    Labor and employment legal risk assessment, including labor contracts, social insurance, payment of premiums for accumulation fund, wage payment, non-competition, resignation management, etc. answer the legal questions raised by companies in the labor and employment management process and make recommendations; guide the negotiation regarding resignation, and help develop negotiations strategy and plan; review and revise the personnel management system, and regulate employee recruitment, training, welfare, and release; legal training on labor and employment; issue lawyer’s letter on labor and employment legal issues.


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