Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is one of the traditional practice areas of Hylands. With ample local resources, considerable expertise,solid practice skills, and strong commitment to providing better service, Hylands has successfully handled a good number of representative cases that are important in areas such as real estate, finance, securities, banking, engineering and construction. The widely acclaimed legal services in dispute resolution have also enabled Hylands to maintain a high standard of reputation in the field.

The outstanding market performance in dispute resolution has made Hylands into the list of EGALBAND as one of China’s top-ranked law firms in 2022. From 2014 to 2021, Hylands was continuously rated by Asian Legal Business as a recommended Chinese law firm in the area of dispute resolution. From 2019 to 2020, Hylands was listed by Chambers and Partners as one of the recommended law firms in its Global Guide. In 2019, Hylands was regarded by Chambers and Partners as a leading Chinese law firm in providing dispute resolution services.

Hylands accommodates an excellent dispute-resolution team with extensive theoretical knowledge and considerable practical experience. The team is capable of comprehending and utilizing judicial practice to administer risk prevention and trace different types of civil and commercial dealings. The team excels in resolving intricate cases as well as managing risks and recovering losses for clients in a time-bound manner. With pragmatic approach to problems, the team always aims at offering optimum solutions to clients based on their specific needs and situations by providing an array of diverse and flexible solutions to choose from. Being engaged in the legal field for long, Hylands has established and maintains good relationships with China’s government departments, judicial branches, legal educators, and domestic and international legal practitioners, which helps provide professional, standardized and quality dispute resolution services.


  • Domestic Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
    Strategic research and analysis on complex and difficult cases; provide advice or educated opinions on business decisions that may lead to litigation; provide constructive and feasible plans for dispute resolutions and devise strategies for litigation and arbitration; formulate negotiation plans, represent or assist clients in negotiations, draft and review settlement agreements, and represent clients in executing settlement agreements; draft litigation and arbitration documents on behalf of clients; full-process agency litigation and arbitration cases (including pre-litigation investigations, assets preservation order (APO), prosecution/arbitration representation, response to litigations, defenses, file for counterclaim, etc.), mediation and settlement of disputes, appeals, petition (the same above), execution of arbitral awards and the enforcement of other valid legal instruments (including the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in mainland China); application to revoke the arbitral award or the non-enforcement of arbitral award.
  • Criminal and Administrative Litigation
    Criminal defense, civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings, criminal liability risk assessment, criminal private prosecution, criminal compliance; administrative litigation and response.
  • Cross-Border Litigation and International Arbitration
    Analyze risks and propose controlling measures; provide legal advice on non-litigation dispute resolution methods and conduct feasibility studies regarding specific requirements of disputes and transactions; draft and revise relevant non-litigation dispute resolution agreements; design and prepare reasonable non-litigation dispute resolution methods and procedures; represent in the procedures for non-litigation dispute resolution methods such as formulating settlement strategies and participating in settlement negotiations; provide legal advice on cross-border litigation and determine litigation strategies; devise plans and preparation before cross-border arbitration; provide legal advice, draft arbitration agreements, initiate arbitration, and participate in arbitration tribunal at various stages of cross-border arbitration; execute cross-border arbitral awards.


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