Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

The consumer and retail industry has undergone drastic changes over the years due to the emergence of new sales models, such as online shopping, live commerce and self-media marketing. Because of the complexity and volatile nature, many companies in the consumer and retail industry are embarking on the path of transformation based on new models of consumption, retail business and the needs of consumers.

Hylands provides legal services for clients in the consumer and retail industry, not just the physical sales enterprises under the traditional sales model, but also the online sales enterprises that have emerged under new sales models. Hylands has accumulated vast experience over the years and owns a good number of professional lawyers and expert teams. Hylands can provide legal services for companies based on both traditional and new sales models and can also help traditional companies to migrate successfully into new sales models.


  • Capital Market and M&A
    Provide legal services for overseas and domestic investment, financing and M&A, including but not limited to legal due diligence, issuing legal opinions, transaction structure designing, transaction documents drafting and assisting in commercial negotiations. Provide legal services for overseas and domestic IPO and listing, enterprise restructuring before listing, acquisition of listed companies and major asset restructuring.
  • Corporate Compliance
    Including but not limited to import/export controls compliance, anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery compliance, Intellectual property compliance, protection of personal privacy and data, cyber security compliance, tax compliance and labor and personnel policy compliance.
  • Industrial Supervision Policies
    Including but not limited to anti-unfair competition and anti-monopoly policy compliance, legal affairs of the franchise, and recommendations based on industry policies.
  • Commercial Development and Operation
    Provide legal services for the development and operation of new projects, including but not limited to research and planning of the new economy and digital transformation, designing the development framework and business cooperation mode of commercial projects, assisting in commercial negotiations, providing legal opinions on the development and follow-up operation of projects, cooperation agreements and other legal documents.
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    Provide legal services related to intellectual property protection, including but not limited to patent protection, registering, managing and protecting trademarks, establishing intellectual property systems, and licensing, transferring, cooperating and trading in the field of intellectual property.
  • Dispute Resolution
    Provide legal services for dispute settlement, including but not limited to providing legal support for litigation or arbitration in the fields of commerce, consumption disputes and intellectual property protection, helping with analysis and demonstration, investigation and evidence collection, negotiation and handling litigation, arbitration and other contentious issues.


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