Entertainment & Media

Entertainment & Media

Relying on the substantial experience of Hylands in traditional IP legal services, entertainment and media team of Hylands focuses on the legal aspects which are based on Intellectual Property business and extended to various civil and commercial businesses in the TMT industry. Hylands team is particularly skilled at handling numerous legal issues related to film, television, variety shows, performance brokerage, games, sports, animation, music, publishing, marketing through live streaming, e-commerce, Internet regulatory compliance, data compliance, etc. The team is able to provide clients with legal services for the whole industry chain including operation and complianace of intellectual property rights, launch and completion of new business, investment, financing, merger, acquisition, restructuring, tax compliance and planning, enterprise compliance and dispute resolution for complex and difficult issues, etc.

Over the years, Hylands has been ranked as one of the leading law firms both at home and abroad by well-known legal rating agencies such as Chambers and Partners, LEGALBAND, The Legal 500 and China Business Law Journal. Hylands team, consisting of over ten partners and dozens of lawyers and consultants with considerable practical experience, has a solid foundation in legal details and possesses keen business insights. Hylands team has served hundreds of well-known clients both in and outside China, such as Alibaba Pictures, Youku, Huayi Brothers, K-Artists, Youhug Media, Emperor Entertainment, Happy Pictures, CKF Pictures, AimMedia Pictures, Sino-Ocean Group, Huaxia Bank, Huang Xiaoming, Gao Yuanyuan, Ning Jing, Zhou Xun, Hu Yanbin, etc., and enjoys a high level of market share and good reputation in the field.


  • Film, TV (including Animation)
    Legal services in movie and TV (including TV series, variety shows, etc.) planning, script adaptation; joint investment production, Sino-foreign co-production, investment and financing, copyright procurement; online and offline production, publicity and distribution, business development, import and export; establishment, construction, and operation of broadcasting agencies and film and television bases; legal services in the creation, performance, and image endorsement of artists such as stars, screenwriters, directors, songwriters, and novelists.
  • Cultural and Entertainment Fields such as Sports, Music, Games, Performances, Performing Arts Brokerage, etc.
    Legal services in event organization, professional clubs, athlete contract management and personal image management, event program production, introduction and dissemination, sports business operation; music copyright operation, audio-visual product operation unit operation; game planning, production, operation, import and export; legal services for the establishment, acquisition, and operation of performance brokerage agencies, performance venues, and performance groups, and the planning, production, and publicity of dramas, dramas, and large-scale performances.
  • Entertainment and Media Industrial Access, Investment and Financing, etc.
    Legal services in industry access research, analysis and investment structure design for private capital and foreign capital; establishment of entertainment media institutions, equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, and listing; entertainment media fund establishment, fundraising and investment management and control; Legal services on tax compliance, tax planning, and criminal compliance in the entertainment and media industry.
  • Internet and New Media
    Legal services in the operation of e-commerce business and Internet culture business, legal compliance of Internet innovative business models, live streaming, and MCN company operations.
  • Network Security and Data Compliance
    Legal services in assessment and improvement of corporate network security and data management processes, establish network security and data compliance management systems, conduct data compliance training for corporate management and employees, and conduct data compliance audits; assist in responding to administrative and criminal investigations; personal information protection, unfair competition, infringement of trade secrets and other cases involving network security and data compliance legal consultation and dispute resolution; legal services in frontier industry legal policy research and other aspects.
  • Commercialization and Marketing
    Legal services in various business development (including advertising, derivatives development, celebrity personal brand development, sponsorship); large-scale exhibitions for advertising business in the new media and cross-media fields; business operation, theme park planning, operation and other aspects.


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