The Forum on Modernization of Chinese Law Firms under the New Situation and the Opening Ceremony of Hylands’ Shenyang Office Successfully Held


On November 11, 2022, the Forum on the Modernization of Chinese Law Firms under the New Situation and the Opening Ceremony of Hylands’ Shenyang office was successfully held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Shenyang. The forum was hosted by Hylands Law Firm and was organized by Hylands Shenyang office, Beijing Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhihe Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Fapei Network Technology Co., Ltd. (WeLegal Alliance). The participants engaged in discussions on fundamental theories and cutting-edge practical issues of corporate compliance, compliance management of publicly traded companies and financial institutions, development opportunities for Chinese law firms in the new environment, and the branding strategies of law firms. The ‘5A’ construction strategic collaboration agreement for corporate compliance was signed and Hylands Shenyang Office released its ‘Urban Renewal Legal Service Products’ at the same event.

At the beginning of the meeting, Yu XU, Director of the Management Committee of the Hylands, Jiaqing ZHOU, Director of Hylands Shenyang Office, and Changjiang Sun, President of the Shenyang Lawyers Association, delivered opening speeches.

Lawyer Yu XU said that he expects this forum to constitute a high-level dialogue platform for all guests and peers to share their insights and opinions. Hylands will also stay down-to-earth and will actively explore the ways to modernize Chinese law firms under the new situation and establish a new generation of law firms with "modern concepts, modern management models, and modern information platforms". 

Lawyer Jiaqing ZHOU said that Hylands Shenyang Office has a group of lawyers who work hard and believe in the spirit of craftsmanship. They are down-to-earth and treat their work with the highest level of seriousness. The changing times require the development of law firms from the top-level design. In the future, to echo the spirit of rule of law, law firms must modernize their development model and promote the development of the legal industry into a new stage. Hylands Shenyang Office will work hard to achieve these goals.

On behalf of the Municipal Lawyers Association, Changjiang SUN, President of the Shenyang Lawyers Association, attended the event. He is very pleased to see that Hylands has taken root and flourished in Shenyang, injecting new vigor and vitality into the local legal industry. He expressed his desire to see more Chinese law firms flourish and contribute their efforts to promote the development of the legal industry and the construction of the rule of law in China.

At the discussion session, experts, scholars, and industry leaders shared their insights on various industry issues. The session was divided into five parts.

Part 1: The Choices of Development Path for Chinese Law Firms under the New Situation

Zuyun HONG, founder, chairman, and CEO of Shanghai Zhihe Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhihe), delivered a keynote speech on ‘The Development Path of Chinese Law Firms under the New Situation’. He interpreted the legal service market from the perspectives of lawyers, law firms, and the market to analyze the necessity for law firms to transform the development model from extensive growth to lean management from three aspects: the value profit chain model, business classification table, and customer management matrix. He suggested that law firms seize opportunities to gain clients and build suitable business models under the new situation.


Part 2: Hylands Middle Stage Construction

Qi JIANG, Chairman of the National Board of Directors of Hylands and Director of Hylands Shenzhen Office, presented a keynote report on ‘Customer-oriented  Hylands Middle-Stage System Construction Enters Stage 2.0’. He introduced Hylands’ strategy of "powerful middle-stage and integrated development" in detail. Based on the middle stage 1.0, Hylands has accelerated its pace to build a customer-centered, professional middle stage. At the same time, he said that during the 30th anniversary of the founding of the firm, Hylands proposed a new vision to establish itself as a high-quality law firm with a large-scale, integrated and digital operation.

Part 3: Law Firm Branding Operation Theme Salon

The salon was presided over by lawyer Zhitong ZHU, a member of the management committee of Hylands. Jiatong NIE, partner, and vice president of the consulting department of Zhihe, Yining CHEN, founder of Jinlv Liangyan brand, and Yang YU, product content director of Beijing Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Jinna LIU, Senior Manager of Legal and Government Relations of WeLegal participated in the theme salon discussion. Attorney Zhu and the other four guests discussed the reasons for law firms to change their management model and attach importance to brand operations. They have discussed the focus of brand operations of law firms, analyzed how to cooperate with external platforms to achieve brand operation, and the trajectories of brand operation activities for law firms. There was also a Q&A session where the audience actively interacted with guests. The guests listened to the questions carefully and answered them sufficiently. The session closed in a warm and cheerful mood.

Part 4: Law Firm Product Launch

At this forum, Hylands Shenyang Office released its Urban Renewal Legal Service Products that have been in development for many years. Lawyer Jian YAO, the senior partner of Hylands Shenyang Office, gave an introduction to the Products, focusing on the legal service products of collective land voluntary vacation. She mentioned that this product has three types of target customers and introduced the legal service content it is capable of. She also introduced the implementation subject of collective land voluntary vacation work, the challenges it faced in the process, and the service content of the top-level design lawyers.

Part 5: Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Mr. Zuyun HONG introduced the ‘5A’ enterprise compliance product and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on ‘5A’ products construction and declaration with Hylands on behalf of Zhihe. This marked the two parties reaching an in-depth strategic partnership to jointly explore corporate compliance legal service products in the future. He mentioned that Zhihe would give full play to its advantages in resource integration and operation. It would bridge the connection between the legal industry and small and medium-sized enterprises, empower the compliance operation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and create an incremental market for the legal industry.

This forum was simultaneously held online and offline, attracting more than a thousand attendees to participate. At the forum, experts shared their opinions on the modernization of the Chinese law firms under the new situation and explored the options for the law firms and lawyers to survive in a likely harsh environment. The success of the forum indicates the large-scale development of Hylands and marks an important step for Hylands to complete its layout in the Northeast of China.