Customs Law

Customs Law

Hylands customs team is composed of experts in anti-smuggling, tariffs, enterprise management and other fields who have been engaged in customs work in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places for many years and senior lawyers who have represented customs cases for many years. The team has very rich experience in handling cases. In recent years, it has represented hundreds of cases involving customs affairs, covering the fields of automobile and manufacturing, health and life science, logistics, energy and natural resources, consumption and retail, cosmetics and luxury goods. With high-level and practical experience, Hylands has successfully assisted or represented domestic and foreign clients to deal with many tax disputes, customs audits, administrative investigations, and anti-smuggling criminal cases, and has won the trust and praise of clients and peers.


  • Customs Business Compliance Review
    Through document spot checks, on-site interviews, system inspections, etc., to understand the business operation status of the enterprise; to evaluate the overall customs risk of the enterprise, and to give tips on key risks; to assist in the establishment of an integrated customs risk prevention and control system; to assist the enterprise to carry out AEO customs certification work.
  • Customs Tax Planning and Dispute Resolution
    Conduct taxable risk analysis for enterprises that have ongoing classification disputes, price review disputes, tax reduction and exemption filings, and policy obstacles encountered in the process of customs clearance, and imported goods involving "double-dumping (anti-dumping and countervailing survey)" and preferential tax rates in the country of origin; seek relief through relevant channels for disputed taxation decisions.
  • Comprehensive Planning of Customs Clearance Programs
    Provide comprehensive customs clearance plan for newly established enterprises or newly established customs business enterprises, as well as other integrated internal control mechanisms and business process design.
  • Customs Audits, Administrative Investigations and Anti-Smuggling Criminal Cases
    Assist enterprises in sorting out materials, providing evidence and providing legal opinions on audit matters. Representation of defense and hearing after notification of administrative penalty. Administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation representation after administrative punishment decisions. The enterprise or individual is represented in the defense after the case is received in file for investigation and prosecution. Carry out criminal non-litigation moves in cases where enterprises are suspected of smuggling, such as tax reimbursement after suspected criminal offenses, adjustment of credit ratings, adjustment of enterprise customs business processes, and subsequent prevention and control of criminal risks, etc.
  • Customs Protection of Intellectual Property
    Assist or represent the right-holders to complete the information disposal of suspected infringing goods and customs seizure at specific ports and regions; assist or represent the right-holders to negotiate and reconcile with the infringer, and assist the right-holders in judicial remedy if necessary.
  • Perennial Legal Advisor
    Review and improve the customs-related work system and business process of the enterprise; answer or give guidance on relevant legal issues upon request; regularly send interpretations of customs laws and regulations and risk reminders.


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