The New Website of Hylands Officially Launched


Time passes swiftly,

We always aim high and never stop moving forward,

Hylands official website,

A window to the world,

Will connect us with the clients, 

anytime, anywhere, 

in the future,

It will mark the development of Hylands,

Recording the precious moments.

Keep the faith and be a pioneer

Since its establishment, Hylands has treaded a long journey to become what it is today - a thriving, fruitful, and prosperous law firm that is highly regarded by the industry. To celebrate the occasion of its 25th  anniversary, Hylands undergoes a perception makeover and upgrades its brand image. The Chinese version of Hylands’ official website ( is just launched! The revised official website presents the Hylands brand culture with a new vision, with a simpler interface, more detailed content, more services, and better user experiences.

A feast for the eyes, gorgeous design

Hylands’ revised website echoes the brand image, brand positioning, and the unity and uniqueness of the VI system of the law firm in the interface design, and skillfully uses colors to express brand connotation. The new official website uses Hylands blue as the main color, interspersed with pure white and business gray-black, which adds a bit of transparency to the cool tones. The bright colors, together with line patterns, create an atmosphere of refinement, rigor, and rationality, conveying the spirit of the Hylands people who dare to break through and innovate.

Better user experience, users first

This new website upgrades the content display by giving focus to key content, optimizing the organization structure, and making information clear. The menu bar of the website is divided into the following sections: About, Business, Team, News, Insights, and Contact Us. In order to give a better user experience, the website optimizes page layout to let users quickly get the information they need such as news, partners’ information, practice fields, experts’ opinion, etc. The website will become a channel for users to understand Hylands in an all-around way, and will strive to be a first-class law firm website.

The ‘Practices’ section contains introductions to 20 major practice areas, including 12 professional areas and eight major industry areas, demonstrating Hylands' capabilities to provide comprehensive, professional, and top-notch services.

The ‘Prefessionals’ section introduces more than 400 partners and consultants of Hylands. They all have solid professional skills, vast project experience, and profound practical experience. In response to their clients' various needs, they are able to offer them practical legal services to help them solve their issues.

The ‘News’ section records the latest development of Hylands which includes three sub-columns under it: News, Honor, and Performance - which allow users to quickly find the latest developments, honors, and awards received from international and domestic authoritative organizations, and the deals completed by Hylands’ lawyers.

The ‘Insight’ section is divided into three parts - Professional Articles, Books and Journals, and Activities. Here, the Hylands lawyers share their thoughts and views. We can read articles drafted by them on trending industry issues, new legal regulations, and project experiences. All those articles are an important part of the legal knowledge base of Hylands.

The ‘Contact us’ section can be divided into two - Offices and Talent Development. Hylands promotes large-scale development, and currently has 29 offices across the country and an intellectual property agency. Under the ‘Offices’ section website visitors can find the address and contact details of various Hylands’ offices to initiate communication and avail services. The ‘Talent Development’ section introduces the exclusive talent development plans of the firm - Youth Plan and Forest Plan. The firm welcomes young people with aspirations to join and grow together with Hylands.

New outlook, modest style

This official website adopts a humble style and is richer in the content displayed in a ‘flat + ultra-widescreen form. It is designed in a way aiming to increase interaction with users while making operations easier. It is equipped with responsive technology and is adaptive to different terminals. With better auxiliary functions, it will provide users with practical functions and a better user experience.

Craftsman spirit, be ambitious

Based in China and providing services on a global scale, Hylands will continuously improve its official website with more attention to detail. The aim is to project this website as a business card of Hylands which will showcase the professional capabilities and brand culture of Hylands to global clients. It will also work as a platform to increase communication and maintain the reputation of the firm.

Welcome to visit the official website of Hylands Law Firm ( ), and the official WeChat account of Hylands Law - ‘Hylands Law Review’ – which was also launched together.