Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Family wealth management and inheritance is Hylands innovative and professionally designed legal service department. Hylands team has developed a comprehensive and efficient service model by understanding the client asset status and specific characteristics and requirements. The team conducts in-depth interviews to understand client expectations and needs, providing them with exceptional services on wealth protection, inheritance, and planning with timely adjustments made according to the client's personal and family requirements.

The legal services include property management, planning and inheritance, affairs execution, affairs trust, and comprehensive resource coordination services for families/family enterprises and individuals with high-net-worth assets in China, including Chinese and foreign nationals. The benefits also include the overall supervision of various property forms, including equity, real estate, artwork, intellectual property, virtual assets, family trusts, family or corporate philanthropic and charitable trusts, wills and testamentary trusts, estate management, corporate property risk, and marital property risk isolation, family governance structure, etc.

The team has forged long-term and stable cooperative relations with institutions in asset management, banking, insurance, trust, immigration, overseas studies, property purchase, and notarization. Collaborative partnerships have joined with law firms in major developed countries worldwide that can provide wide-ranging and comprehensive legal services suitable to clients' needs.

Hylands team has served many well-known families and family enterprises on the mainland and abroad and has rich practical experience. The team has won many honors such as "Leading Law Firm for Family Wealth Management and Inheritance" by Chambers and Partners, "Outstanding Law Firm Award" by China Business Law Journal, and "Leading Law Firm in Wealth Management" by LEGALBAND.


  • Family Wealth Management
    ● High Net Worth Individuals and Families
    Personal and household wealth suitability tests;
    Personal or family domestic assets planning and risk prevention;
    Management planning and risk prevention of personal or family real estate, intellectual property, equity, artwork, jewelry, virtual assets, and data assets in China;
    Individual or family overseas asset allocation and identity planning;
    Marriage agreement of family members and asset preservation;
    Family member's will, testamentary trust and estate administration; Design and execution management of the family trust, equity trust, art trust, and other property rights and interests trust; Inheritance plan of insurance policy and insurance trust;
    Individual tax planning and private counsel.
    ● Family Business Management
    Establishment of risk assessment and risk control system for family enterprises;
    Family business equity and governance structure design and planning;
    Pre-IPO planning of family enterprises in China;
    Overseas listing of family businesses;
    Family business tax structure planning;
    Family business charity planning, equity, in-kind donation tax planning;
    Family business establishment and operation of private non-enterprise service;
    Strategic advice on governance of private family companies CSR and ESG to be listed; Family business counsel services.
    ● Family Governance
    Establishment of family governance structure, drafting of family constitution, providing legal services on establishment and operation of the family fund, launch and operate family charity trust, and family counsel services.
  • Family Wealth Management Integrated Project
    Family wealth risk and fitness assessment;
    Overall planning and implementation of family wealth management and inheritance;
    Overall planning and implementation of family charity, corporate CSR, and corporate ESG;
    Planning and execution of art management and inheritance.


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