Urumqi Office

Hylands Urumqi Office was registered and established on October 26, 2021, with the approval of the Judicial Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. It has more than 50 employees, including more than 40 partners and lawyers. The office is located in the CBD - Greentown Plaza office building in Urumqi Convention and Exhibition Core Area, with an office area of about 1,000 ㎡. It is equipped with independent offices, negotiation rooms, conference rooms, locker rooms, and leisure areas to provide a comfortable environment for lawyers and clients.

Hylands Urumqi Office is a comprehensive law firm focusing on commercial legal services and supplemented by other legal services. Its business scope includes securities finance, corporate compliance, labor law, energy, construction real estate, foreign-related business, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy and reorganization, civil and commercial dispute resolution, criminal law, administrative law, marriage, family, inheritance, and related fields. It has gathered many outstanding talents, and most of its lawyers graduated from well-known universities in China. Diligent and dedicated, they have a profound legal foundation, solid professional skills, rich project experience, and excellent skills to handle cases. Through efficient cooperation and integration, the firm has formed professional, comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient legal service teams to solve problems and meet the needs of its client base.

In the future, Hylands Urumqi Office will make full use of Xinjiang’s regional and resource advantages. The firm will actively participate in various local economic activities, provide professional legal services for the growth of enterprises in the region, support the Belt and Road Initiative and help to construct rule of law in Xinjiang. Following the suggestions and guidance from the top leadership, Hylands Urumqi Office will actively take part in the economic development of Xinjiang.


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