Hylands Successfully Wins the Bid for Providing Special Legal Counsel Services for Wangfujing’s Intellectual Property Rights Project


Recently, attorneys Xiaojing NIE, Jincheng GUO, and Kang SUN, partners of Hylands Law Firm, and consultant Mr. Taihui XU successfully won the bid for providing special legal counsel services for the intellectual property rights project of Wangfujing Group Co. Ltd. by their rich practical experience in the field of intellectual property and the excellent experience in providing comprehensive legal services for many central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and well-known listed companies.

Wangfujing, one of the largest retail groups in China, is a national commercial brand popular with consumers in China. The predecessor of Wangfujing was the Beijing Department Store, the ‘No.1 Store of the PRC’, which was established in 1955. In 1994, Wangfujing was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 1996, Wangfujing promoted the strategy of a department store chain in the country. In 2000, it implemented a material asset restructuring with Dong’an Group. In 2013, it acquired PCD Operations. With the implementation of corporate strategic transformation in 2014, Wangfujing had developed from a single department store to a comprehensive retail format such as department stores, shopping centers, and outlets, and actively promoted the construction of all-channel. In 2018, it was merged into BTG, obtaining a new development platform. In 2020, the Ministry of Finance granted Wangfujing the duty-free business qualification, allowing Wangfujing to operate the retail business of duty-free goods. In 2021, Wangfujing acquired and merged the shares of Beijing Capital Retailing Group Co. Ltd., which significantly increased Wangfujing’s market share in Beijing and further helped the company achieve its strategic objectives.

There are several well-known commercial brands owned by Wangfujing, such as Wangfujing Department Stores, Wangfujing Shopping Center, Wangfujing Outlets, Beijing Outlets, Xidan Market, Friendship Store, Yansha Youyi City, Yansha Outlets, Guiyou Store, New Yansha Mall, Wangfujing Duty-Free, Wangfujing Shouhang Supermarket, Wangfujing Jixuan Supermarket, Luxẽmporium, and Faya Sports. At present, Wangfujing’s sales network covers seven major economic regions in China with nearly 600 retail stores of various types, including department stores, shopping malls, outlets, supermarkets, and duty-free shops.

Hylands will further optimize the existing intellectual property risk control and compliance system for Wangfujing and provide professional legal protection and support in the relevant work.