2022 National Training Camp for New Employees of Hylands has Come to a Perfect Conclusion


Young lawyers are setting sail. On September 8, 2022, the 2022 national training camp for new employees of Hylands officially launched. As young people are always the hope of the country, young lawyers are the hope of the robust future of the legal industry. Hylands held a training camp to bring together new employees from different offices across the country. The training camp lasted for two months and ended on October 28. This is the first national large-scale training organized by Hylands.

The purpose of this training is to familiarize new employees with the Hylands culture and management system and to help them understand the work responsibilities and functioning of various departments such as administration, finance, IT, personnel, business management, and brand marketing departments. It also aims to strengthen the exchange between the staff of the headquarters and branches. Furthermore, the training is also dedicated to improving the professional legal service capabilities of young lawyers. During the training, the leaders of the 20 major business committees of Hylands lectured on relevant courses, and counsels and senior lawyers also shared their working experience. The training courses cover twelve professional fields, including dispute resolution, bankruptcy reorganization, and special asset disposal, corporate business, capital market, banking and finance, intellectual property, compliance and government supervision, international trade, real estate and construction engineering, criminal, private equity and investment funds, customs, and eight major industries, including asset management, energy, and natural resources, automobile and manufacturing, entertainment media, Internet, healthcare and life sciences, family wealth management and inheritance, consumption, and retail business. 

On September 8, the first class was held at the opening ceremony, where lawyer Qi JIANG, chairman of the National Board of Directors, partners Yang WEI and Zhengning LI  lectured on relevant topics. Partner Wenting LI served as the class moderator. The partners of Hylands first extended a warm welcome to the new colleagues and described the development history and culture of Hylands. They mentioned that after 25 years of steady development, Hylands has cultivated a unique culture. The partners also shared the ups and downs that happened in their careers as lawyers, encouraged the young lawyers to pursue excellence and work hard and stick to the lifelong pursuit of becoming excellent lawyers. They wished everyone can find a sense of belonging in Hylands.

Partners Wenhao DONG, Zhengning LI, and Weiyu WU also gave lectures on courses titled ‘Risk Control Management’ and ‘Lawyer Practice Risk Prevention’. Attorney Li and Attorney Wu hoped that young lawyers would strictly abide by professional ethics, practice discipline, adhere to correct values, continue to learn, and strive to grow into lawyers with a sense of social responsibility. They encouraged young lawyers to give back to society by offering high-quality legal services.


Every Friday from September 16th to October 28th, the partners gave lectures on various topics, and students attended the classes either offline or online. Lecturers includes the heads of 20 practice areas, senior counsels, and senior lawyers, who all gave a comprehensive explanation of the relevant topics. They shared their work experience and actively interacted with colleagues. They encouraged young lawyers to cultivate their professional abilities, establish a solid knowledge base, actively apply theories in practice, and continuously improve their communication and judgment skills to become excellent lawyers.

Lawyer Jiejun LI proposed requirements for young lawyers who are about to enter the legal profession; practice is the sole criterion to test whether a piece of knowledge is true, and only by applying the law to reality, its noble role can be pursued.  Let us join hands to appreciate the magnificent scenery on the road of life.

Partner Qian SHEN and counsel Shuo ZHANG delivered lectures on topics related to international trade, private equity, and investment funds.

Lawyer Qian SHEN summed up the secret of how to become an excellent lawyer in concise language; gain respect with professionalism. Lawyers, regardless of whether they are employed by individuals, companies, or countries, should act as trusted advisors for clients. They are the professionals who assist clients in solving their concerns and promote fairness and justice. No matter who their clients are, lawyers should adhere to the same principle; always serve the interests of clients with due diligence, put the interests of customers above their own, and strive to promote the spirit of rule of law.

Lawyer Shuo ZHANG said that due to the influence of adverse factors such as the new coronavirus pandemic, the market environment is harsh and the private equity investment fund industry is also affected. When lawyers keep abreast of regulatory trends and actively explore opportunities in emerging fields they can better serve their client’s interests in the long-term run.

Partners Lin YAN, Fei Mu, and Guoguang ZHANG respectively lectured on courses related to health and life sciences, asset management, and capital markets.

In the end, Attorney Lin YAN proposed requirements for young lawyers; dare to try, persist in innovation, and be perseverant!

To the question on the ways to achieve rapid growth for young lawyers Lawyer Fei MU answered that as long as someone continues to polish their skills day after day and never gives up, they would make great progress.

    Lawyer Guoguang ZHANG said that if someone wants to be an excellent capital market lawyer, the road ahead would be full of suffering. The cycle of many projects will be relatively long, there are always lengthy projects on the way. Despite the suffering, this process is also full of hope, because there is a bright future waiting for you at the end of the road. So, don't be disheartened when difficulties arise, just move ahead bravely!

Partners Yuanyuan GUO, Yingzi LIU, and Hao SUN respectively gave lectures on content related to the Internet, entertainment media, bankruptcy reorganization, and special asset disposal.

Lawyer Yuanyuan GUO said that in this era, the market is changing rapidly. Only when lawyers actively adapt to changes and continuously learn and improve, they can help clients to cope with emerging challenges and opportunities. Lawyer Guo also urged young lawyers to keep in mind that the ultimate value and mission of lawyers is to provide value to clients, which also demands continuous learning and improvement.

Lawyer Xundong WANG said that the customs legal service market is a niche market, and currently few lawyers serve this market, so it is very suitable for young lawyers to join. Young lawyers are also welcome to join the Customs Professional Committee. The blue ocean of customs legal services is yet to be explored.

Partners Jizhi ZHANG, Yuzi ZHU, and lawyer Dahui YUN respectively delivered lectures on company business, intellectual property, family wealth management and inheritance.

Lawyer Dahui YUN said that family wealth management and inheritance is a legal practice requiring expertise in multiple fields such as culture, psychology, ethics, values, environment, etc. Therefore, lawyers are required to improve their comprehensive professional knowledge and cultivate their execution and communication skills. More importantly, they should adhere to noble values. Attorney Yun hopes that young lawyers would be down-to-earth and move towards a better future.

    Partners Zhoujian PEI, Xiye FU, Weiyu WU, and lawyer Qiang GAO lectured on courses related to real estate and construction projects, dispute resolution, and criminal fields.

    Lawyer Xiye FU said that as an experienced lawyer, he would like to be a career guide for young lawyers and guide them to walk on the right path. He mentioned that when we talk about the right way, we shouldn’t think of shortcuts. He was ready to share his experiences with young lawyers so they can learn and avoid making the same mistakes. He said that only if someone is willing to endure hardships then only they can succeed because the way to success is certainly full of suffering. So just keep up with your good efforts and never give up. 

Lawyer Weiyu WU said that Hylands has always had the tradition of "the master leads the apprentice". In Hylands, generations of partners uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, devote themselves to academic research, and treat their work with seriousness. This atmosphere affects young lawyers. As the youth training camp comes to its perfect conclusion, Hylands wishes the young lawyers to follow exemplary practices, uphold justice, learn, improve and keep moving forward!

Lawyer Qiang GAO composed a poem to describe what he has gone through to become an excellent lawyer:

To experience, 

To suffer, 

To be contemptuous, 

To fall into a trap with flowers on top; 

Learn to accept the absurd; 

Walk and walk even if no light is there; 

Go, meet, and know the world, 

Experience being let down, 

Get the trust you deserve; 

Just go ahead bravely, 

Then embrace what all this brings to you 

They are everything! They are you!

Colleagues from different branches participated in the online training. The courses given by the experts let them understand the history and culture of Hylands. They actively participated in the training and shared their insights to make the sessions fruitful.

Beijing head office

Lawyer Kailin YANG who has undergone the training said that she was grateful to Hylands for organizing such a training camp; a valuable opportunity for young lawyers to learn and grow. She said that for the young lawyers it was great to be involved in various projects in the very early stage of their careers. They were honored to have this opportunity to listen to many stalwarts from the field who shared their wisdom and experiences. She specifically mentioned the investment, merger, and acquisition legal sharing course taught by lawyer Jizhi ZHANG. SHe believed that the course not only introduced the basic process of investment mergers and acquisitions but also specified the professional risks involved in the practice. And the wealth management and inheritance course taught by lawyer Dahui YUN taught young lawyers the necessity to have comprehensive legal services abilities to handle legal relations of different forms when they deal with wealth management cases. 

For the Hylands, providing training not only helps to build a strong talent pool but also reinforces the bond between lawyers and law firms. Kailin concluded by expressing his gratitude to all partners for their invaluable contributions, to Director Hong LIU for the great importance he attached to the training, and to Hylands for giving the young lawyers an opportunity to become a better version of themselves.

Haikou Office - Chen Xiaoxiu

For the lawyer Xiaoxiu CHEN, the training was helpful that it helped young lawyers to understand the current situation and development of legal services in various fields. It also helped them to identify the direction of their career development and provided a platform to interact with experts from various committees.

Kunming Office - Fan Xiao

As a young lawyer, Xiao FAN was surprised to realize how little she knew about the legal profession. She wholeheartedly appreciated Hylands for organizing such training and the experts who chose different courses to teach. The experts elaborated on complicated things in simple language. They not only explained the theories but also conducted case studies to help the attendees to understand the intricacies of legal affairs. After the two-month-long training period, Xiao FAN now has a clearer understanding of the practices and operations of a law firm and a deeper understanding of the legal industry. 

1. The training helped to identify the weak spots and methods to improve them; 

2. The training has improved the ability to apply acquired knowledge in different scenarios; 

3. The training helped me to understand the core values in professional life; self-motivation to standardize behavior and thoughts, strengthen self-management, and acquire practical knowledge beyond just theories. 

You can see farther by standing on the shoulders of giants. Xiao FAN sincerely left her thanks to Hylands for providing such an opportunity and to the partners for their selfless contributions. The young lawyers are all eagerly waiting for more such training sessions.

This training provided a fantastic opportunity for the new employees to get familiar with the work culture of Hylands and cultivate a sense of belongingness in the firm. Furthermore, it helped young lawyers to deepen their understanding of theory and practices, and guided them to find their career direction and goals. It is expected that every employee can achieve self-improvement in Hylands, strengthen their competitiveness, and grow into an outstanding young man with ideals, professional skills, and the courage to shoulder responsibilities.